Refurbishment of Trickling Filter Plants

Refurbishment of Trickling Filter Plants

We have a long history with the upgrade of trickling filters.Trickling filters were the most used form of sewage treatment in rural NSW in the 1960’s. By the 1970’s they were replaced by various types of the activated sludge treatment plants and more recently MBR sewage treatment plants. Effluent quality was much improved with the activated sludge and MBR treatment plants. However, with the recent advancement of various types of lightweight plastic media over stone media, the trickling filter is once more considered a viable option. The use of plastic media over stone media has enabled much higher organic and hydraulic loadings at sewage treatment plants.

Upgrade of the Trickling Filter

For most Councils, one of the largest Capital Works replacement items is generally the upgrade or replacement of the Sewage Treatment Plant. From our experience, if your Council’s trickling filter plant is still in use, the trickling filter most likely needs an upgrade.

In our Team, both Peter Gin and Dr. Huangfei Jia have had extensive design, construction, operations and maintenance experience with the upgrades of trickling filters in both NSW and Victoria.

Due to their age and apparent unpopularity, detailed knowledge of the workings of trickling filters is very limited amongst many of the current water and sewerage consultant firms. DP8 team, however, does have the required design, construction, operations and maintenance experience and knowledge to properly assess the condition of trickling filter plants, as well as devising cost effective options for their refurbishment.One such upgrade option is the use of solar power and batteries.In most cases, replacement of an aging trickling filter with a new, expensive treatment facility may not be the most cost effective solution.The use of the trickling filter may offer a number of advantages compared to the newer, more sophisticated types of sewage treatment processes that are currently in use. We at DP8 are able to provide a free assessment of the current performance of your existing trickling filter to determine if an upgrade or a replacement is warranted.