Integrated water management




  • Part of a team involved with the verification of Drawings for the 66 Ml/day Luggage Point Recycled Wastewater Treatment Plant. Queensland. The treated was used for water reuse.
  • Project Manager for the construction of the $25 m – 9 ML/day Reclaimed Water Treatment Plant (using Reverse Osmosis Membrane Filtration), Altona, City West Water. The works comprised of various civil structures, buildings, mechanical equipment, electrical equipment and process units
  • Design, Project Management, Environmental Evaluation, Construction, Commissioning, and Operations of the 3 ML/day Anglesea Tertiary Standard BNR Wastewater Treatment Plant. The treated effluent was used on the nearby golf courses.
  • Conceptual and Detailed Design of Brushy Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant 10 ML/day, Victoria. The treated effluent was used on the nearby Parks and Gardens


  • Small to Medium Scale Integrated Water Cycle Management Methodology, Sydney Water Corporation R&D project. Aim of the project is to evaluate the benefits of integrated water management and compare with overall goals, including reduction in potable water use, reduction in wastewater discharge, reduction in stormwater runoff. Work included modelling of numerous scenarios, assessment of options, evaluation and development of recommendations.
  • Preparation of Macau’s long term water supply strategy, SAAM (Macau water company), Macau, China. The project was aimed at improving the water supply to Macau, with respect to high salinity of the raw water supply during the dry season. Work included comprehensive data collection in the Pearl River Estuary, 3D hydrodynamic modelling to assess the optimal abstraction location, evaluation of storage needs, development of recommended scenarios.
  • La Paz Pampahasi Raw Water Supply Management Investigation, Aguas del Illimani (La Paz water company), Bolivia. The purpose of the study is to evaluate the Pampahasi raw water availability, recommend operating rules for utilising the available water, and to evaluate the benefits of selected investment options. The project deliverables included an operational and long-term planning tool, estimated water availability based on rainfall and glacier runoff in the catchments, operating rules for managing the raw water sources (two types of rules: best management practices, and dynamic operating controls) and evaluation of proposed investment options in terms of improved water availability, water supply reliability, and net income.
  • Loyalty Road Flood Retarding Basin hydraulic investigation, Cardno and Davies (design consultant to Upper Parramatta River Catchment Trust). Project was aimed at investigating the detailed hydraulic behaviour of the structure (comprising spillway + low level outlet tunnel), and most importantly developing an energy dissipation structure which would minimise the disturbance along the downstream reaches of Darling Mills Ck.