Wastewater Treatment Plant Design

Wastewater Treatment Plant Design

Healesville, Victoria

DP8 wastewater treatment staff member was part of an engineering team that was involved with the concept design, detailed design construction, operations and maintenance of extended aeration treatment systems, chemical dosing systems, UV disinfection facility and flow control systems.

The Extended Aeration activated sludge process employs a simple system, which eliminates the need for primary treatment with longer sludge retention times, usually in excess of 20 days. The larger aeration tank volume provides good equalisation at high flows. The sewage entering the aeration aeration compartment is mixed with the mixed liquor suspended solids at a concentration of about 4,000 mg/L Oxygen is supplied by the fine bubble air diffusers. The breakdown of BOD5 and nitrification is achieved in the aeration compartment. The sludge the enters into a clarifier where the clarified effluent enters into a UV disinfection chamber.

The process is ideal for small communities.

The Healseville WWTP complied with the stringent Victoria EPA effluent discharge requirements.

Estimated cost of project = $3.5 m.